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  • Vietbuild Industry 29th. May-1st. Jun
    Vietbuild Industry 29th. May-1st. Jun Jun 05 ,2024
    Enming Stone attended Vietbulid Industry Fair on 29th. May to 1st. Jun 2024. We mainly show the the Environmentally friendly materials Jade Glass, Terrazzo and Ceramic Water Permeable Brick in the Fair. Manys client were interested in our beautiful Jade Glass and Terrazzo material and magic Water Permeable Brick.
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  • Why Choose Sintered Stone Wall Panels!
    Why Choose Sintered Stone Wall Panels! Dec 21 ,2021
    Nowadays, there are more and more families choose the Sintered Stone thin Panels for their house's wall background and bathroom wall decoration. Compared with traditional decorative materials, Sintered Stone slabs are large in size and suitable for Wall Panels. Sintered Stone background wall Why does the Sintered Stone background wall dominate the screen home decoration, and what is the reason? 1. Large specifications During the fast develop of the Sintered Stone industrial, there are many different slabs size and thickness for different application. Different sizes of Sintered Stone Slabs have different advantages. For example, 1200x2600x6mmmm, 1600x2700x6mm is suitable for the background wall of the living room, 1600mm×3200mm is suitable for the background wall/wall of the villa, and 800mm×2400mm is suitable for the wall of the bathroom. 2. The color is advanced enough to seize the C-bit background wall of the home Popular colors are white, gray, and wood. White is classic and versatile, and the furniture will not be obtrusive, and will never be outdated. Fashionable high-grade gray is stain-resistant, low-key and luxurious, showing a sense of light luxury. The wood color is natural and clear, bringing home the pure breath of nature. 3. Customizable size and color Wide range Sintered Stone size, colors and shapes can be chose and customized cut to size for your own background wall, which is very convenient. Summary: The Sintered Stone background wall is non-radiation, easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and can be designed according to personal preferences. It is a good home decoration stone. In the future, the scope of application will be more and more extensive, and Sintered Stone slabs can also be mixed and matched with other decorative materials such as stone and wood. Sintered Stone is a new type of porcelain material with super large specifications that can withstand cutting, drilling, grinding and other processing processes. The textures of the Sintered Stone slabs are diverse, and the specifications, thickness, performance, etc. are all different. You don’t want to keep your eyes open when buying rock slabs to avoid these four big pits. Enming Stone Supplies wide range different sizes and colors Sintered Stone slabs for Wall decoration. Size: 1200x2400x6mm, 1200x1600x6mm, 1600x2700x6mm, 800x2600x6mm etc. For more colors please contact Alice Cheung Whatsapp/Wechat 008618046239265
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  • What are the Benifits of Sintered Stone Kitchen Countertop
    What are the Benifits of Sintered Stone Kitchen Countertop Dec 20 ,2021
    As the most pyrotechnic living space, the kitchen is not only the birthplace of gourmet food, but also interprets the living conditions of three meals in the four seasons. Sintered Stone has the characteristics of non-slip, super compacted structure, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and easy cleaning, which highly matches the kitchen space. Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant A good kitchen must have a good countertop. In modern kitchen design, Sintered Stone countertops occupies the mainstream. It not only has a high-value appearance, but also has extraordinary physical properties. It is inevitable that kitchen countertops and countertops will be scratched and touched. Therefore, the selection of materials must require high hardness and scratch resistance. The Mohs hardness of quartz stone countertops is generally 5-6, while the Mohs hardness of rock slabs is generally 6-7. This makes the Sintered Stone withstand the scraping of various sharp tools. Safe and non-slip Sintered Stone is used for floor paving, and the large-size Sintered Stone slab has a large area. When paving the kitchen, it can minimize the traces of collage, reduce the hidden dirt, and facilitate cleaning and maintenance. The kitchen is a cooking space. Water stains will inevitably occur during processing. The matt surface Sintered Stone has anti-slip properties, and the anti-slip slope can reach 18.5, which can increase the friction with the contact part to form an anti-slip effect. Heat resistant and not deformed Anyone who has cooked can understand the despair of not being able to find a potholder when holding a saucepan with both hands. Sintered Stone is fired at a high temperature above 1200°C, and the fireproof level is up to A. It can withstand all kinds of domestic fires, even if it is exposed to high temperatures, it will not release harmful substances, which is environmentally friendly and healthy. Even hot oil pans and pots that have just boiled water can be placed directly on the countertop. Resistant to acid and alkali corrosion It is known that the water absorption rate of the Sintered Stone is lower than 0.01, and there are basically no pores on the surface, so there is no need to worry about water seepage on the Sintered Stone slab. Sintered Stone is resistant to chemicals, solutions, and disinfectants. The common red wine, coffee, olive oil, lemon juice, baking soda, etc. in the kitchen will not affect the color and luster of the slate. Only hydrofluoric acid can corrode. Large size, less seam Sintered Stone countertops are available in large sizes. The size of the Sintered Stone slab can currently be achieved in multiple sizes such as 3200X1600mm, 2600X1200mm and so on. The processing of the large operation surface is larger and more comfortable than the cutting board operation space. Zero penetration, no pollution Whether it is a kitchen countertop, an island or a dining table, the primary consideration is safety and hygiene. Sintered Stone has ...
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  • Terrazzo Tiles CE Certificiation and SGS Test Report
    Terrazzo Tiles CE Certificiation and SGS Test Report Oct 10 ,2021
    Enming Stone Terrazzo Tiles pass the SGS Test by European Terrazzo standard EN13748.1-2004 and get the CE Certification. We also pass the FACTORY AUDIT for the Saudi Arabia Market, the client can apply the SABER without any problem. If there are any terrazzo project in Saudi Arabia, we are the qualified terrazzo supplier from China.
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  • Cement based terrazzo VS epoxy terrazzo
    Cement based terrazzo VS epoxy terrazzo Apr 02 ,2021
    Many customers will have some questions: What is the difference between cement-based terrazzo and epoxy terrazzo? Is cement-based terrazzo or epoxy terrazzo better? Which one is more suitable for our design? Let's answer them one by one below. 1. What are epoxy terrazzo and cement-based terrazzo? The concept of epoxy terrazzo and cement-based terrazzo The earliest concept of terrazzo is water terrazzo, which is also a kind of cement-based terrazzo. It has a history of more than 100 years. Later, with the development of cement-based materials and epoxy materials, especially the breakthroughs in materials and processes in recent years, cement-based terrazzo and epoxy terrazzo materials classified by material properties were introduced. The new concept of terrazzo is made by mixing gravel, glass, quartz and other aggregates with different materials (cement-based or epoxy) binders to make concrete products, and then surface grinding treatment by professional machinery and professionals. Sealed, solidified, polished and finished products. Here comes the point: Cement-based terrazzo: The terrazzo made of cement, glass or other cement-based binders is called cement-based terrazzo (such as cement-based terrazzo, glass-based terrazzo, etc.). Epoxy terrazzo: The terrazzo made with epoxy, polyurethane or acrylic adhesives is called epoxy terrazzo (such as epoxy terrazzo, polyurethane terrazzo, acrylic terrazzo, etc.). We now only compare the latest and most popular epoxy terrazzo and cement-based terrazzo (new cement-based self-leveling terrazzo). Other terrazzo can be used as a supplement to these two types of terrazzo, especially functionalized special terrazzo. Both epoxy terrazzo and cement-based terrazzo have the following characteristics: The whole is seamless, easy to clean, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, water-resistant, and durable. Moreover, because of its mosaic pattern, the color can be spliced arbitrarily, the artistic appreciation and practicality of terrazzo have been perfectly combined. The patterns can be combined at will, the colors are colorful, the surface is smooth and delicate, highlighting the dignity and dignity, has become a designer and owner The first commercial floor material, especially suitable for the ground decoration of large shopping malls, mid-to-high-end commercial buildings, luxury clubs, exhibition halls, hotels, residences and villas. 1. Construction technology It is recommended that whether it is epoxy terrazzo or cement-based terrazzo, a leveling layer is required to prevent the risk of terrazzo cracking due to cracking of the base layer. Epoxy terrazzo construction process: Grassroots treatment: sanding, repairing the grassroots, cleaning and drying; Primer: Epoxy primer roller brush once Surface coating: mix the epoxy terrazzo base material with colored stones, glass and other aggregates, pave and screed; after curing, use a special machine to polish and polish severa...
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  • Latest 3200x1600 Sintered Stone Colors list on 2021
    Latest 3200x1600 Sintered Stone Colors list on 2021 Feb 19 ,2021
    There are many new colors of the large format Sintered Stone porcelain slabs for both 12mm and 6mm. Here we enclosed the latest Sintered Stone Porcelain slabs list for reference. Welcome to download the Sintered Stone color list and select the colors. Most of the colors available for fast delivery. Email us to
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  • How to select the Terrazzo Floor Tiles
    How to select the Terrazzo Floor Tiles May 27 ,2020
    With the increasing use of terrazzo floor tiles, there are more and more manufacturers of terrazzo floor tiles on the market, but the product quality is uneven, so many consumers are very distressed and do not know how to choose it. Today, the editor of Henderson Building Materials is here to share with you some tips on choosing terrazzo floor tiles. Let ’s take a look. 1. Observe with the naked eye. In general, the surface of terrazzo floor tiles of good quality is relatively smooth, and there are no cracks, and the distribution of stone is relatively uniform. Poor quality terrazzo floor tiles are not only uneven in stone, but also rough in appearance, and may have subtle cracks. 2. Percussion method. The better quality terrazzo floor tiles sound crisper, sweeter and more powerful when struck, which shows that the internal structure is strong and compact and not easy to break. The sound of terrazzo floor tiles of poor quality when struck is dull and dull, which means that the internal structure is relatively sparse and the service life will be relatively short. I hope that today Enming Stone will teach you two ways to choose terrazzo floor tiles to be useful to everyone. If you want to buy terrazzo floor tiles of good quality if you want to save trouble, you can directly come to Enming Stone for consultation and purchase.
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  •  The advantages of terrazzo floor tiles compared with ordinary cement borads
    The advantages of terrazzo floor tiles compared with ordinary cement borads May 26 ,2020
    Terrazzo floor tiles are actually a new type of cement board, but they are different from those of ordinary cement boards. So what are the characteristics of terrazzo floor tiles? What says he is better than ordinary ordinary cement. Terrazzo floor tiles are not the same as those of ordinary cement boards, because its main feature is that it is based on the general cement board with the addition of fiber components. The added fibers are plant fibers, but now some people will say Is n’t this way not to reduce the hardness of the board? However, this is not the case. The fiber reinforced cement board has undergone professional high-pressure processing technology, so the hardness of the board will be more rigid, and there are many other advantages. . When the board is used on building materials, it can play a good role in fire protection. It is not flammable, does not burst, and does not decompose any toxic and harmful gases to the human body when it is exposed to fire again. At the same time, when terrazzo floor tiles are used in construction, they can be adapted to the humid environment. Generally, cement boards will deform under such circumstances, but terrazzo floor tiles do not have to worry about this situation, even if they are so wet Under the environment, the quality will not change, which is also a highlight of terrazzo floor tiles!
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  • What are the advantage of large format porcelain slabs
    What are the advantage of large format porcelain slabs Apr 13 ,2020
    In recent years, whether it is the Bologna Exhibition in Italy, Milan Design Week, or Guangzhou Design Week, Foshan Ceramics Fair, large format porcelain slabs 3200x1600mm, 2400x1200/1600mm are becoming more and more popular! The porcelain slab is more widely used, simple and atmospheric, realistically restores the natural texture of the marble, fewer seams, avoids dirt and dirt, strong design, free cutting, rich specifications; unique personality, decorative effect is more high-end atmosphere! 1. Overall ductility is better The large porcelain slab can extend the space, the style is simple and elegant, elegant and high-end, and it is deeply loved by consumers. 2. Richer texture The texture of the large board is clear, realistic, rich, and it also has a sense of layering. 3. Less gaps, more beautiful, easy to clean, high construction efficiency The size of Porcelain tiles becomes larger, the number of paving in the same space is reduced, and the efficiency of paving is high. "Seamless link" is the most obvious feature of large slab tiles different from conventional tiles. It can also reduce dirt and dirt, making it easier to clean and maintain. 4. Stronger plasticity A large board can be randomly cut into various styles of bricks, minimizing waste. It can also be mixed with specifications to meet the needs, so that the spatial effect is more diverse. 5. More energy saving and emission reduction Large slabs can reduce the production and transportation costs of ceramic tiles and reduce sewage. The light and thin large board, due to the small load and good fire resistance, can be used in high-rise buildings, replacing materials such as stone. 6. Wider application range From the early use of indoor wall and floor paving to later wall decoration, it is now quickly entering the daily home decoration of kitchen and bathroom space and countertop decoration materials. Enming Stone supply high quality large format porcelain slabs made by Italian facility by 44,000 super tongue machine and lamina machines. Wide range Unglazed and glazed porcelain slabs are available in stock for fast delivery. Welcome to contact for more information.
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  • Enming Stone Sintered Stone Porcelain Slabs Test Result
    Enming Stone Sintered Stone Porcelain Slabs Test Result Mar 05 ,2020
    Enming Stone Porcelain Slabs / sintered Stone Slabs. Slab size: 3200x1600x12mm, 3200x1600x5.8mm Test Colors: Calacatta H3216630 / H3216630Q Summary of The Test Report by SGS. Sintered Stone / Porcelain Slabs Test Report Summary No. : SHIN190300695CCM Date : May. 08, 2019 No. Test Item Test Method Summary of Test Result(s): 5.8mm 12mm 1 Water absorption With reference to EN 14411:2016 & EN ISO 10545-3:1997 Boiling method 0.051% 0.022% 2 Breaking strength EN 14411:2016 & EN ISO 10545- 4:2014 995.8N 4836.3N Modulus of rupture 52.3 N/mm2 54.3N/mm2 3 Coefficient of linear thermal expansion EN 14411:2016 & EN ISO 10545- 8:2014 4.9-5.0 10-6/oC 5.0-5.1 10-6/oC 4 Resistance to thermal shock EN 14411:2016 & EN ISO 105459:2013 No visible defects No visible defects 5 Frost resistance With reference to EN 14411:2016 & EN ISO 10545-12:1997 No visible defects No visible defects 6 Resistance to chemicals EN 14411:2016 & EN ISO 1054513:2016 Class A Class A 7 Resistance to staining EN 14411:2016 & EN ISO 10545- 14:2015 Class 5 Class 5 8 Mohs' hardness EN 15771:2010 6 6 9 Reaction to fire EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 A1 A1 10 Abrasion resistance of unglazed tiles EN 14411:2016 & EN ISO 105456:2012 86 mm3 89 mm3 11 Leachable Lead and Cadmium With reference to EN 14411:2016 &EN ISO10545-15:1997 Leachable Lead <0.1mg/dm2 Leachable Cadmium <0.01mg/dm2 Leachable Lead <0.1mg/dm2 Leachable Cadmium <0.01mg/dm2 12 Impact resistance EN 14411:2016 & EN ISO 10545- 5:1996/Cor 1:1997 0.83 0.88
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  • Why Choose Porcelain Pavers
    Why Choose Porcelain Pavers Feb 29 ,2020
    Porcelain Pavers are the latest in advanced paving solutions that combines Italian styling with robust, durable, vitrified technology. For many, a natural stone pavers that ages over time is exactly what is required but for others a paving that stays looking as fresh and clean as the day it was installed would be preferential. Why Choose Porcelain Pavers? 1.Porcelain outdoor pavers are available in natural stone. It looks like travertine, quartzite, limestone, and slate - as well as concrete and wood looks. This new generation of paving stone is perfect for decks, walkways, patios and pool areas. Offered in several sizes and accompanied by coordinating copings, porcelain pavers unlock limitless trend-setting design opportunities. 2. Porcelain pavers will not usually not be affected by the seasonal weather changes and will be unlikely to deteriorate in freezing weather conditions that can see some stone surfaces deteriorate gradually. 3. Porcelain pavers are resistant to acid and alkali chemicals such as fertilizers and lawn treatments. Moss and algae cannot get established like it can in a porous stone face. 4. Porcelain paver will not experience colour fading. Blacks will stay black and not turn to grey, light colours will stay light colours and will not turn grey/brown. In summary they will stay looking aesthetically as laid for many years with minimal cleaning maintenance. 5. Porcelain pavers are a low maintenance and cost effective way for our customers to create a modern design for any exterior area. Enming Stone are stocking many collections of 2cm porcelain pavers, with Granite, Limestone, Travertine, Sandstone colors to choose, size 600x600, 600x1200 etc.. Wholesale price, welcome to contact us for more information.
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  • Carso Grey Marble with White Veins Bookmatch Floor and Wall decoration
    Carso Grey Marble with White Veins Bookmatch Floor and Wall decoration Feb 12 ,2020
    Carso Grey Marble is a Light luxury style grey marble with wide white veins. It is origin from Yunan China. There are two background, light grey and dark grey. It is very suitable to do the bookmatch style Floor and Wall decoration. Countertops and Benchtop application is also amazing. Here share some project case picture here.
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  • What are the Features of the Porcelain Pavers
    What are the Features of the Porcelain Pavers Dec 01 ,2019
    Porcelain Pavers are hard-wearing, anti-slip, weather resistant and capable of withstanding heavy loads without compromising aesthetics. Quick and easy to install, Porcelain Pavers are resistant to acid, chemicals, mold and salt. Here are more features of the porcelain pavers: 1. Whole Body: The application of "whole body" technology, the realization of the brick body inside and outside the same, dense without holes, with excellent thermal impact resistance, poor thermal conductivity, expansion coefficient small and other advantages. Winter heat preservation, summer sunscreen, non-combustible, it is the first choice for the curtain wall materials. 2. Ultra-low water absorption: Special production technology and formula materials, brick water absorption rate less than 0.1% Excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance, anti-fouling, moisture-proof and discoloration. The liquid placed on the surface for a long time hardly penetrates the boby. It is suitable for inddor and outdoor material. 3. Hard hardness: Quartz surface porcelain paver hardness reaches 7 above, sharp sharpener does not scrape the surface, not easy to break. Digital electronic monitoring, timely adjust the temperture of the kiln, bending resistance up to 45. In the outdoor environment and the crowded environment, can resist the impact of the flow of people. Rich tile texture, multi-faced stone to meet the application. Non-slip surface with R11 high slip resistance, in line with American, Australian, European and Chinese Standards. 4. Wear Resisting, Under conditions of non-constant temperature burning and pressure, the brick body forms a dense structure like quartz crystal. Wear resistance reaches international standard PE14-5, long service and high cost performance. 5. Much better price than the natural stone Application: Grasslan, Landscrape, Villa Terace, Outdoor public square, Swimming Pool, Parking lot, Traffic Site, Staircase Brick, Exterial curtain wall. etc. Size: 300x600, 600x600, 600x1200, 450x900, 900x1800mm Colors: Light Grey (G603 Sesame white), Dark Grey(G654 Sesame grey), Black (Fuding Black ), Yellow(G682 Rusty Yellow), Red(China Red) granite, Sandstone porcelain paver etc. are the most popular colors. Other Customized color are welcome.
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  • What is 3D Inject Printing Nanoglass
    What is 3D Inject Printing Nanoglass Oct 22 ,2019
    3D Inject Printing Nanoglass is marble look Nanoglass base on Pure White Nanoglass by 3D Printing Technology. Various kind of Natural white Mabrble Patterns can be made as preference. It  can be appled for interior and exterior floor and wall facade, column and countertops for various kind of commercial project and private projects. Here is the text report for reference:
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  • What is the Nanogalss Test Report Certification
    What is the Nanogalss Test Report Certification Oct 22 ,2019
    Nanoglass is an hard and green environmental building material suitable for interior and exterior floor and wall facade, column and countertops for various kind of commercial project and private projects.  What is the Nanoglass Technical test result? Here is our text report by China National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials. National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials Test Report Material Name: Nanoglass CN-003 Ref No.: WT2016B02N00620 Manufcacturer: Enming Art Stone Co., Ltd. Report Date: March 23th., 2016 No. Test Items Test Results Individual Conclusion Test Standard 1 Specular Gloss 86 Pass JC/T872-2000 2 Flexural Strength 71.5MPa Pass 3 Mohs' Hardness Grade 6 Pass 4 Thermal Shock Resistance No Crazing Pass 5 Radionuclides (Class A) Internal Exposure Index 0.1 A Class GB6566-2010 External Exposure Index  0.11 A Class 6 Water Absorption 0.003% ----------- GB/T3810.3-2006 7 Apparent Relative Density 2.580% ----------- 8 Abrasion Resistance 1.1x10-3g/cm2 ----------- Refer to SN/T0308-93 9 Point Impact The unit Showed no Cracks and Chips after 1kg steel ball droped from a height of 50cm ----------- 10 Compression Strength 505MPa ----------- Refer to JC/T262-93 11 Impact Toughness 3.5KJ/m2 ----------- Refer to JC/T259-93 12 Linnear Thermal Expansion 8.8x10-6。C-1 ----------- Refer to GB/T 3810.8-2006 13 High Tempture. Resistance No Cracking, Crazing, Blistering, No Color Differences ----------- Refer to JC/T 908-2013 14 Load Test No Cracking (Residual deflection is 0.02mm) ----------- 15 Chemical Resistance The surface finish is unaffected ----------- Test by: National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials Add:South Building,China Building Material Center, Guan Zhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing China.
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