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What are the Features of the Porcelain Pavers 2019-12-01

Porcelain Pavers are hard-wearing, anti-slip, weather resistant and capable of withstanding heavy loads without compromising aesthetics. Quick and easy to install, Porcelain Pavers are resistant to acid, chemicals, mold and salt.

Here are more features of the porcelain pavers:

1. Whole Body:

The application of "whole body" technology, the realization of the brick body inside and outside the same, dense without holes, with excellent thermal impact resistance, poor thermal conductivity, expansion coefficient small and other advantages. Winter heat preservation, summer sunscreen, non-combustible, it is the first choice for the curtain wall materials.

2. Ultra-low water absorption:

Special production technology and formula materials, brick water absorption rate less than 0.1%

Excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance, anti-fouling, moisture-proof and discoloration.

The liquid placed on the surface for a long time hardly penetrates the boby. It is suitable for inddor and outdoor material.

3. Hard hardness:

Quartz surface porcelain paver hardness reaches 7 above, sharp sharpener does not scrape the surface, not easy to break.

Digital electronic monitoring, timely adjust the temperture of the kiln, bending resistance up to 45.

In the outdoor environment and the crowded environment, can resist the impact of the flow of people.

Rich tile texture, multi-faced stone to meet the application.

Non-slip surface with R11 high slip resistance, in line with American, Australian, European and Chinese Standards.

4. Wear Resisting,

Under conditions of non-constant temperature burning and pressure, the brick body forms a dense structure like quartz crystal. Wear resistance reaches international standard PE14-5, long service and high cost performance.

5. Much better price than the natural stone


Grasslan, Landscrape, Villa Terace, Outdoor public square, Swimming Pool, Parking lot, Traffic Site, Staircase Brick, Exterial curtain wall. etc.

Size: 300x600, 600x600, 600x1200, 450x900, 900x1800mm

Colors: Light Grey (G603 Sesame white), Dark Grey(G654 Sesame grey), Black (Fuding Black ), Yellow(G682 Rusty Yellow), Red(China Red) granite, Sandstone porcelain paver etc. are the most popular colors. Other Customized color are welcome.

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