• Are 2cm Granite Effect Outdoor Porcelain Pavers better than Natural Granite
    Dec 24 ,2019
    Are 2cm Granite Effect Porcelain Pavers better than Natural Granite? It is a question to most of the client who try to think about it. Porcelain pavers are the tiles with a natural stone looking and high antislip matt surface. It can be natural granite, sandstone or marble effect by the 3D Printing technology. It is an excellent and economical affordable options for the outdoor garden, swimmi...
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  • What is the Nanoglass Production Process
    Apr 17 ,2019
    Nano Glass is a kind of Crystallized Glass Stone without Pores. It is a strong and glossy White engineered stone, The MOHS hardness reaches 6.5. It is a first choice of the white countertops, flooring tiles, wall cladding tiles, column for both interior and exterior application. Here we introduce Nanoglass Slabs Production process: With innovative crafts and leading science and technology, Nanogla...
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  • Thin Nano Crystallized Ceramic Glass Panel for Wall and Floor
    Sep 11 ,2019
    Nano Crystallized Ceramic Glass is a kind of polycrystalline solid material obtained by the control of specific composition and temperature, it has excellent physical and chemical properties, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, compression resistance, color adjustable, small color difference, high gloss, and no radiation. In the field of architectural decoration, it can replace natural ...
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