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How to select the Terrazzo Floor Tiles 2020-05-27
With the increasing use of terrazzo floor tiles, there are more and more manufacturers of terrazzo floor tiles on the market, but the product quality is uneven, so many consumers are very distressed and do not know how to choose it. Today, the editor of Henderson Building Materials is here to share with you some tips on choosing terrazzo floor tiles. Let ’s take a look.

1. Observe with the naked eye. In general, the surface of terrazzo floor tiles of good quality is relatively smooth, and there are no cracks, and the distribution of stone is relatively uniform. Poor quality terrazzo floor tiles are not only uneven in stone, but also rough in appearance, and may have subtle cracks.

2. Percussion method. The better quality terrazzo floor tiles sound crisper, sweeter and more powerful when struck, which shows that the internal structure is strong and compact and not easy to break. The sound of terrazzo floor tiles of poor quality when struck is dull and dull, which means that the internal structure is relatively sparse and the service life will be relatively short.

I hope that today Enming Stone will teach you two ways to choose terrazzo floor tiles to be useful to everyone. If you want to buy terrazzo floor tiles of good quality if you want to save trouble, you can directly come to Enming Stone for consultation and purchase.

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