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The advantages of terrazzo floor tiles compared with ordinary cement borads 2020-05-26

Terrazzo floor tiles are actually a new type of cement board, but they are different from those of ordinary cement boards. So what are the characteristics of terrazzo floor tiles? What says he is better than ordinary ordinary cement.

Terrazzo floor tiles are not the same as those of ordinary cement boards, because its main feature is that it is based on the general cement board with the addition of fiber components. The added fibers are plant fibers, but now some people will say Is n’t this way not to reduce the hardness of the board? However, this is not the case. The fiber reinforced cement board has undergone professional high-pressure processing technology, so the hardness of the board will be more rigid, and there are many other advantages. . When the board is used on building materials, it can play a good role in fire protection. It is not flammable, does not burst, and does not decompose any toxic and harmful gases to the human body when it is exposed to fire again.

At the same time, when terrazzo floor tiles are used in construction, they can be adapted to the humid environment. Generally, cement boards will deform under such circumstances, but terrazzo floor tiles do not have to worry about this situation, even if they are so wet Under the environment, the quality will not change, which is also a highlight of terrazzo floor tiles!

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