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Why Choose Sintered Stone Wall Panels! 2021-12-21
Nowadays, there are more and more families choose the Sintered Stone thin Panels for their house's wall background and bathroom wall decoration. Compared with traditional decorative materials, Sintered Stone slabs are large in size and suitable for Wall Panels.

Sintered Stone background wall

Sintered Stone Wall Panels

Why does the Sintered Stone background wall dominate the screen home decoration, and what is the reason?

1. Large specifications

During the fast develop of the Sintered Stone industrial, there are many different slabs size and thickness for different application. Different sizes of Sintered Stone Slabs have different advantages. For example, 1200x2600x6mmmm, 1600x2700x6mm is suitable for the background wall of the living room, 1600mm×3200mm is suitable for the background wall/wall of the villa, and 800mm×2400mm is suitable for the wall of the bathroom.

2. The color is advanced enough to seize the C-bit background wall of the home

Popular colors are white, gray, and wood. White is classic and versatile, and the furniture will not be obtrusive, and will never be outdated. Fashionable high-grade gray is stain-resistant, low-key and luxurious, showing a sense of light luxury. The wood color is natural and clear, bringing home the pure breath of nature.

3. Customizable size and color

Wide range Sintered Stone size, colors and shapes can be chose and customized cut to size for your own background wall, which is very convenient.

Summary: The Sintered Stone background wall is non-radiation, easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and can be designed according to personal preferences. It is a good home decoration stone. In the future, the scope of application will be more and more extensive, and Sintered Stone slabs can also be mixed and matched with other decorative materials such as stone and wood.

Sintered Stone is a new type of porcelain material with super large specifications that can withstand cutting, drilling, grinding and other processing processes. The textures of the Sintered Stone slabs are diverse, and the specifications, thickness, performance, etc. are all different. You don’t want to keep your eyes open when buying rock slabs to avoid these four big pits.

Enming Stone Supplies wide range different sizes and colors Sintered Stone slabs for Wall decoration. Size: 1200x2400x6mm, 1200x1600x6mm, 1600x2700x6mm, 800x2600x6mm etc. For more colors please contact Alice Cheung Whatsapp/Wechat 008618046239265

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