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What is the Nanogalss Test Report Certification 2019-10-22

Nanoglass is an hard and green environmental building material suitable for interior and exterior floor and wall facade, column and countertops for various kind of commercial project and private projects. 

What is the Nanoglass Technical test result? Here is our text report by China National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials.

National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials
Test Report
Material Name: Nanoglass CN-003 Ref No.: WT2016B02N00620
Manufcacturer: Enming Art Stone Co., Ltd. Report Date: March 23th., 2016
No. Test Items Test Results Individual Conclusion Test Standard
1 Specular Gloss 86 Pass JC/T872-2000
2 Flexural Strength 71.5MPa Pass
3 Mohs' Hardness Grade 6 Pass
4 Thermal Shock Resistance No Crazing Pass
5 Radionuclides
(Class A)
Internal Exposure Index 0.1 A Class GB6566-2010
External Exposure Index  0.11 A Class
6 Water Absorption 0.003% ----------- GB/T3810.3-2006
7 Apparent Relative Density 2.580% -----------
8 Abrasion Resistance 1.1x10-3g/cm2 ----------- Refer to SN/T0308-93
9 Point Impact The unit Showed no Cracks and Chips after 1kg steel ball droped from a height of 50cm -----------
10 Compression Strength 505MPa ----------- Refer to JC/T262-93
11 Impact Toughness 3.5KJ/m2 ----------- Refer to JC/T259-93
12 Linnear Thermal Expansion 8.8x10-6C-1 ----------- Refer to GB/T 3810.8-2006
13 High Tempture. Resistance No Cracking, Crazing, Blistering, No Color Differences ----------- Refer to JC/T 908-2013
14 Load Test No Cracking (Residual deflection is 0.02mm) -----------
15 Chemical Resistance The surface finish is unaffected -----------
Test by: National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials
AddSouth Building,China Building Material Center, Guan Zhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing China.

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