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What is Electrolytic Granite Stone 2019-09-16

What is Electrolytic Granite Stone?

This is a question that many friends who have first met with electrolytic granite. Here is a brief introduction to the electrolytic granite stone and the understanding of granite electrolytic slabs:

First of all, why do you want to electrolyze? Due to the unstable color of natural stone, the color difference of the products may not be met in the application field of some stone materials (mainly the beauty of the overall effect). Electrolytic stone is to solve this color difference. A problem with the processing of stone. 

Electrolytic stone is to put the stone to be changed in the electric furnace, and then heat it to a certain temperature, and it will change color after a certain period of time. It can change the connatural color of the stone permanently through controlling the temperature and time, and the final new color will be various depend on the different content of original stone slabs materials, so the customers have one more choice for new colors. This is called electrolytic stone. Some stones need to be protected by drugs to achieve the desired results.

Electrolytic stone is more stable, healthier and more beautiful than dyed stone.

1 The color after processing never rub off;
2 The color is uniform, natural and full body;
3 Yield stone is more than 99%, almost no crack plate;
4 Without any chemicals, environmental protection, wouldn't change the stone structure

Electrolytic Blue Granite stone Slabs

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