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What is the Best Ecological Water Permeable Paver for Walkway Driveway 2019-05-27

What is the best water permeable paver for walkway driveway to solute the city ground rainwater? Here we recommend a new Ecological Water Permeable Ceramic Brick Paver with high water permeability, which is more than two time of the other similar foreign products.

What is the Ecological Water Permeable Ceramic Brick Paver?

Ecological Water Permeable Ceramic Brick Paver uses the slag waste, waste ceramics as raw material. After re-processing, high temperature sintering, the environmental product is produced with characteristics of keeping the ground water permeability, preserving moisture, compression-resistant, slip-proof, high strength, cold resistance, weather resistance, noise reduction, sound absorption and reusability.


Ecological water permeable ceramic brick is the preferred product used to beautify the city, improve the quality of living environment, and can be widely used for sideway, walkway, driveway, walk path for public square, city road, subway, station, highway, villas, residential quarters, parks, landscape, garden decoration, kitchen space, pool, pond etc.

The advantage of Water Permeable Ceramic Brick Pavers:

1.Water Permeability.

The permeable ceramic brick has super high permeability function, more than 20mm/s which is two times of the standards of similar foreign products. It can handle 60mm/h rainfall. The road and squares paved with it can make rainwater quickly penetrate down to prevent the occurrence of city flood.

2. Water retention

---It can be used to reduce the temperature of the environment, restore natural water storage capacity, prevent the depletion of groundwater, and improve the living environment of vegetation. It can adjust the air humidity, air purification, and restore surface water circulation system.

3. Anti-slip

---Rainwater infiltrates into the ground timely. There is no water. It keeps the ground dry and clean. Walking on it brings no danger

4. Noise reduction

---The porous structure of the ecological permeable ceramic bricks can absorb a large amount of noise. It is an ideal sound-absorbing material.

5. Reusable

---The ecological permeable ceramic bricks can be reused again and easy to re-install. It prevents waste from repetitive constructions.

6. Compression resistant, cold resistant, weathering resistant

The ecological permeable ceramic bricks are made undergone the large tonnage pressing machine and high temperature firing. The compressive strength is more than 50Mpa, suitable for use in the parking lots and common lanes. Its cold-resistance also reached the national standard, and frost resistance value is -25 degree. It is also resistant to weathering, even in the face of strong acid or alkali. Its quality will not change, and it is most suitable for seaport wharf.

What is the size of Permeable Ceramic Brick Pavers:

200x100, 200x200, 150x300, 300x300, 300x600mm Normal Thickness 55mm

What are the colors of Permeable Ceramic Brick Pavers

White, Grey, Black, Red, Brown, Yellow, Bule, Coffee, Ruby Red, Green etc.

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