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The Difference between Nanoglass, Marmoglass and Crystallized Glass 2019-06-25
Nanoglass, Marmoglass and Crystallized Glass are all belongs to Artificial / Engineered Micro-Crystallized Glass Stone. But they are different in some aspects as bellow:

1. By Materials
Crystallized Glass, Marmoglass and Nanoglass are different materials, though they both comprise quartz sands that take up about 30% of the whole raw materials.

Crystallized Glass consists of soda feldspar, calcium carbonate etc, while Marmoglass and Nanoglass consists of Lithium feldspar, silicate, potassium carbonate etc.
2. By the Appearance:

Crystallized Glass is also named Micro-Crystallized Glass Stone with Pores. The surface looks like natural small grains Crystall White marble, but visible Pores on the side when it it cut. It is well known as Thassos Glass in America.  This material could be colorfull to be White(CC001), Seasame White(CC002), Beige, Grey etc.

Marmoglass and Nanoglass are the Micro-Crystallized Glass Stone without Pores or Holes-free / Non-porous Micro-Crystallized Glass Stone. They are only pure White color by the current technique. It is also named as Pure White Glassos.

Marmoglass CM001 is the first generation of the Micro-Crystallized Glass Stone without pores. The background is more green than Nanoglass.

3. By Application:

Marmoglass is more soft and crisp but shape easy adjustable for various shape like basin, column shaft panels. The edge is very easy broken when sawn, should be use special blade and very slowly cuting. Generaly it is only recommend for wall claddingly and made for basins and vanity tops with basins for bathroom furnitures.

Nanoglass CN003 is the hardest Mirco Crystallized glass and good for Countertops.

Pores Crystallized Glass and Nanoglass CN003 are all popular for Countertops, Wall Cladding, Columns, flooring tiles etc. But for Pores Crystallized Glass Countertops should be better use Mittered edge because of the visible Pores side edge.

4. By Prices:

The current Mirco-Crystallized Glass Stone prices are coming down and affordable to the common people. The cheapest Micro-Crystallized Glass is Marmoglass. We can say the slab price bellow:

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