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What is Quartz Stone 2019-04-17

Quartz stone is an artificial stone consists of 94% quartz and other additives such like resin, natural detritus, mineral pigment and so on made by high vacuum pressing, doffing mold, drying and solidifying, calibrating, polishing and cutting. It is perfect materials for construction with high quality, high intensity, and high resistance to staining, corrosive, and easy construct since its nature stone texture and character which can be controlled by human.

Quartz stone is widely used in kitchen counter top, counters in pubs and bars, washing basin counters, window counters, classical bathroom, wall and floor tiles, luxury commercial places(five-star hotels, official buildings, luxury showrooms, wall and floor in airport and bank), fashionable place (TV background walls, floor artistic panel and stair treads).

Quartz stone has the below excellent properties:

(1) The color, the texture and the decoration effect is as real as natural marble and natural granite.

(2) High intensity, less thickness and light weight for constructing and sticking easily.

(3) The aspect is unification especially for large area construct.

(4) High surface rigidity, resistance abrasion, comparing beauty with natural granite.

(5) High resistance aging, close to natural granite.

(6) No toxic and environment friend.

We offer wide range colors of Quartz Stone slabs and countertops, welcome to send your inquiry for pricing.

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