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China Precast Terrazzo Slabs Tiles Manufacturer 2019-06-25

Precast Terrazzo Slabs, Precast Terrazzo Tiles by Enming Stone are cut by precast terrazzo block made as Agglotech Terrazzo technology from Italy. It consists of recycled wasted marble, granite, quartz, glass or other suitable aggregate chips with 525 cement / concrete. It is an artificial stone can be use for both interior and exterior flooring tiles and wall cladding tiles.

Terrazzo Slabs and Tiles Production Technology

Terrazzo manufacture

Terrazzo Tile and slabs – Advantage:

1. Low cost: Our factory is located in the Chinese famous stone center, there are rich and low cost of wasted marble, granite and other aggregate can be well recycle to make into Terrazzo.

2. Rich and consistent color, we have developed about 70 colors, customized color is welcome.

3. High gorgeous, skid-proof, non-radiated, easy clear-up

4. Non-combustible, ageing resistance, resistance to fouling, corrosion resistance, environment friendly without peculiar smell without any pollution.

5. Anti-pressure, wear-resistant, damp proofing, accurate specification

6. Wide application: It can be applied for both interior and exterior flooring paving and wall cladding, same laying effect with natural stone.

Terrazzo Test Result:

Terrazzo Test Report

Terrazzo Tile Application:

Terrazzo is widely applied in Factory, schools, office buildings, supermarket, exhibition halls, square, metro station, lobby, airport station, wharf ect. The material can also be used in the floors of operating rooms in hospitals and environments where static protection is required.

Enming Stone Terrazzo tile are not only accepted by Chinese who value their own living standard but popular all-of-the world. The floor tiles have exported to Europe, America,Japan, and other places these years.

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China Terrazzo Slab and Tile Colors

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