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Artificial Calacatta by Sintered Stone Nanoglass Quartz 3D Marble 2019-08-31

Calacatta is the most best and luxury decorative choice of the White Marble in the world nowadays. Due to the high speed development of the Chinese Artificial Stone industry, there are many different type of Artificial Calacatta Marble Stones available for Calacatta decorative choice, such as Calacatta Sintered Stone, Calacatta Quartz, Calacatta Nanoglass, Calacatta 3D Artificial Marbles.

What are the difference between those different Artificial Calacatta Stones and How to chose them?

First, let us tell from the raw material and production technology.

Sintered Stone is made of Clay SiO2 65%-75%, Al2O3, K2O, Na2O etc. heated by 1280 degree temperture and press by 44,000 tons, and then print the design Calacatta Patterns. It is a strong and high compact surface material. It is becoming a new fashion of the modern decoration.

Quartz is made of 90% Quartz powder and about 10% resin and pigments after high pressure and heated curving. Calacatta  Quartz is made by a fixed steel templet with the designed Calacatta veins. The veins is full body through the thickness.

Nanoglass is made of Silicon Dioxide and other raw material with 1600 degree temperature to melt into liquid and form the required crystalline solid. Calacatta Nanoglass is made by 3D Printing technology base on pure white Nanoglass slabs. After been reheating, the veins colors are strongly injected in the slab surface, that makes the pattern more natural looking.

Artificial Marble is made of Calcium carbonate powder and resin. It is also made by 3D Printing technology, but base on polished Pure White Artificial Marble slabs as the design marble veins, then re-polish the surface and do the nano surface treatment to have the surface more shining and anti pollution.

Second, let is talk about the physical characteristics and application.

Calacatta Sintered Stone, Calacatta Nanoglass are inorganic material after high temperature production. They are very hard, MOHS hardest up to 6. They can be used for both interior and exterior countertops, floor and wall application. They are almost no water absorption,not changing the shape and colors during the use. Sintered Stone is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Nanoglass can be high temperature heated to reform a curved shape such as column shelf, curved counter etc., that is all other artificial stone materials can not be done. But

Calacatta Quartz is also a hard material MOHS hardest 6 with nice flexibility, it is easy fabrication and installation. But is is only for interior countertops and backsplash application., not good for the flooring.

Calacatta Artificial Marbles is only for the interior wall facade and other interior windowsill or small tops. Because the main material is Calcium carbonate powder, so it is not a strong material.

Third, for the thickness.

Sintered Stone is only 5.8 / 6mm and 12mm available by far. Calacatta Quartz are 20mm, 30mm, Calacatta Nanoglass 18mm only. Calacatta Artificial Marble 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm are available.

Forth, from the looking.

Calacatta Sintered Stone, Nanoglass and Artificial Marble are all made by 3D Printing technology. They can be printed the Calacatta pattern what is popular if the quantity is big enough. The pattern looking is natural than Quartz. Nanoglass and Artificial Marble are more Calacatta patterns available.

Firth. for the cost.

Calacatta Artificial Marble is the most cheapest one, and then Sintered Stone, Quartz and Nanoglass.

Enming Stone can give your many different Calacatta Choice for your projects. Becides the Artificial Calacatta Stone, we can source the Natural Calacatta Marble for you as well. For more producion information please refer to our website and send us your inquiry

Artificial Calacatta Engineered Calacatta Marble

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