What is Sintered Stone 2019-04-17

Sintered Stone are also well known as Large Format Porcelain Slabs, Large Size Ceramic Tiles.  The raw materials are mainly inorganic oxides such as natural clay, silica and feldspar powder which are similar to the common porcelain tiles. But Sintered Stone Slabs are made by high temperature up to 1200 degree and Italian 44000 tons supper-tonnage rolling press machine. The surface veins are printed by high technical digital machine. It has the characteristics of high density, durable, high temperature resistance, zero water absorption, pure natural environmental protection, antibacterial and bacteriostatic, health and safety.

Sintered Stone / Large Format Porcelain Slabs are ideal surface material for the modern kitchen and bathroom work tops, bench tops, countertops, vanity tops, backsplash and shower wall, flooring and wall facade decroration. More designers recommend this material, it is the next generation of the countertops.

Enming Stone is the Chinese Sintered Stone slabs and countertops’ supplier in Xiamen China. We supply high quality Sintered Stones Slabs / Large Format Porcelain Slabs and countertops made in China with good price.

The Sintered Stone Size we can supply are 3200x1600, 2400x1600mm, Thickness 5.8-6 mm and 12mm. Glazed or unglazed Sintered Stones Slabs / Large Format Porcelain Slabs are available. Welcome to contact us for more detailed colors and pricing.

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