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Artificial Translucent Stone Faux Alabaster, Faux Onyx, Lighting Stone

2014-09-02 10:01:06

Faux Alabaster and Faux Onyx is a fantastic artificial translucent stone for various kind of wall backlit and ceiling lighting decoration. 

It is casted by high molecular polyester resin, according to the veins of natural Alabaster, Onyx and Marble. It shows its unique effect by the lighting effects and gets the better than marble and turns out to be uneasy to break, inexpensive and easy to maintain. 

Meanwhile, it has the advantages of being bent and seamless joint process. So far, it is popularly used all over the world and become the new generation environmental friendly decoration material.


1. Material: Polyester Resin + AL(OH)3


2. Environmental friendly without radiation, Green products


3. Shape bendable, Join Seamless, high hardness, water proof


4. Size: Standard 1220x2440mm, 1220x3050mm, Thickness: 6-20mm


5. Customized size and color as projected request available 


6. Application: Decoration walls, doors, columns, ceilings, reception desks, columns, logos, furniture surfaces, lamp shield, desk top surface, background wall, all light through effect.

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