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Resin River Pebble Stone Countertops

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Product Details

Resin River Pebble Stone Countertops


1.       Natural River Pebble Stone + Translucent Resin.

2.     Lighting Translucent.

3.     Suitable for Table Tops, Bar tops, Vanity Tops. and Wall decoration.

4.     Slab size: 2400x1200x18mm

5.   Cut to size and finished production available.


Resin River Pebble Stone Collection allows creating imitations of sea and river cliffs. The material is widely applied in furnishing bathrooms (sinks, bathtubs, showers).  Scratch-resistance enables to use this collection as a compound in floor coverings as well as desktops ad bar tops. In combination with backlight, it is used for modification of walls as a light source.  

In the Stone Collection all fillers have a natural colour. While using panels with a coloured resin, it is necessary to avoid exposure to direct ultraviolet rays.


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