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Engineered Water Permeable Paving Stone

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Product Details

Engineered Water Permeable Paving Stone, let the earth breath, let the city fresh.


Permeable Paving tiles:

1. Raw material: ceramic and slag waste with inorganic pigments.

2. High Permeability function: 20mm/s, double times of the other products

3. Water Retention, Noise Reduction, Anti-slipy, High strength and Hardwearing

4. Size: 300x300, 200x200, 100x200, 150x300mm etc.

5. Thickness: 55mm, or customized

6. Colors: White, Grey, Black, Yellow, Red, Brown, Bule, Green etc

7. Application: Public square, City Road, Parks, Garden, Villas, Pool Surrounds, Shower Room  etc.

8. Weight: 1 tons about 10.2m2(55mm)

9. Packing: wooden pallet.

Water Permeble Paving Stone tiles


 Water Permeble Paving Stone tiles color and size

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