Calacatta Nanoglass Stone Slabs CN101

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Product Details

Calacatta Nanoglass Stone Slabs CN101, size 2800x1600x18mm is avaialable currently.

Calacatta pattern Nanoglass is made by 3D Printing technical, base on Pure White Nanoglass slabs. But the veins is very natural than the procelain slabs. Veins only on surface about 1mm depth.

Nanoglass is a very hard and strong material than every kind of natural marble and engineered quartz. Calacatta Nanoglass is a good new color to instead of the Quartz without any dumpting duty in USA.  No grain texture, no stain, no chipping by 50cm droping ball, pure white background., and the slab price is much cheaper than quartz...... Lot of advantage of applying this Calacatta Nanoglass to your projects.

There are 3 Calacatta Patterns available currently by Jan. 2019, Will have more pattern soon. For more information or catalogue please send your inquiry to us by, or

Here is the test report for reference.

Calacatta Nanogalss Test Report 1

Nanoglass Test Result


Calacatta Nanoglass Description:

1. It is a Crystallized Glass stone without Holes with Italian Calacatta White marble patterns.

2. It is an Artifical Engineered Natural Calacatta pattern marble without any grain.

3. Shape is adjustable for Column shaft.

4. It is Hard and good for various countertop, vanity tops.

4. Suitable for Flooring tiles and Interior and Exterior wall decoration. 

5. Finish: Polished, Bushhammered finish etc.

6. Slab size: 2800x1600x18mm

7.Good price than any Natural  Calacatta marble or Engineered Calactta Quartz


 Calacatta Nanoglass stone countertops vanity tops with mitter edge

Other Name:

Crystallized Calacatta Glass Stone without holes

China Calacatta Nanoglass Stone

Calacatta Glassos Stone

Nano Calacatta Crystallized Glass Stone

Artificial Calacatta Glass Stone

Calacatta Artificial Marble

Agglomerated Calacatta Marble

Agglomerated Calacatta Glass Stone

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