3D Jade Glass Stone Pine CJG-101

product detail
Product Details

Translucent 3D Art Jade Glass Stone panel


1. A new Green construction material.

2. Not Radiation, Non Aging, Non Color changing.

3. Lighting translucent for various wall, tops, flooring decoration.

4. Rich colors and elegant 3D texture

4. Finish: Polished and Honed.

6. Slab size: 2400 x 1200, 3000 x 1400mm

7. Thickness available: 20mm, 30mm slabs and cut to size.



1.      Interior Wall decoration, Flooring Tile, Skicting, Translucent Staircases etc..

2.     Kitchen Countertops, bathroom vanity tops, Various kind of table tops, Bar tops or furniture.

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